Airman PDS185S Portable Screw Compressor


Airman PDS185S Portable Screw Compressor
Super silent operation.

Standard Features of theĀ Airman PDS185S

  • Rotary twin screw single stage oil cooed
  • Free air delivery 5.2M2/min (185CFM)
  • Working pressure .69MPA (100 PSI)
  • Direct drive with gears
  • Oil cooled by air
  • Powered by Yanmar 8TNV88 BDHKS
  • Fuel tank capacity 70 Lt
  • Low noise levels 94DB/LWA
  • Dimensions: L 1850 W 950 H 1160
  • Weight 860kg

Optional extras for the Airman PDS185S:

  • Two wheel site trailer
  • Spark arrester silencer
  • Aftercooler
  • Two wheel road trailer braked with full type approval
  • Overspeed shutdown valve
  • Full Petro-chemical specification